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Cigarette Drawer Dividers

Cigarette Drawer Dividers

$2.75(inc GST)


BCG’s Universal Cigarette Tray Dividers are provided as division between stock variants within the tray. They are made of clear plastic that simply clip in the back of the tray and the back of the plastic tray front. BCG’s Universal Cigarette Tray Dividers acts as a device to help merchandise the tray and separate the packets and packet sizes in each tray. Made from polycarbonate, they are durable and able to flex into position without removing other parts of the tray system. This makes changing products easy and less time consuming for the retailer.


Notes: CAUTION: Clients to confirm compliance with individual state and territory legislation for the sale of tobacco.

Applications: Liquor Stores, Supermarkets, Tobacco store, and News Agencies

Finishes: Greystone, Black, White, or Custom

Dimension: Fits into BCG Cigarette Tray System

 Product Code: CIGDRAWDIVI

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