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Brick and Mortar retailers most important priority is preserving the physical store as a viable retail channel.

 �??Brick and Mortar�?? retailers�?? most important priority is preserving the physical store as a viable retail channel.  To do this they recognize that it is imperative to make the in-store shopping experience relevant and valuable to today�??s shopper

One of the most important trends in Retail today is �??Improving the Shopping Experience�??.  The industry uses the term to generally refer to the idea that the experience consumers have within the physical store must be as relevant and efficient, or more so, than the one they receive on-line.  Despite the growth of e-commerce, shoppers still need and often enjoy the in-store experience, but they want shopping experiences to be attentive and efficient and they are annoyed when they are not.

But a key part of the overall shopping experience is what happens at the checkout.  When asked: �??Which aspect of checkout do you dislike the most?�?? - Shoppers ranked �??inefficient and inaccurate checkout�?? at 4.2 out of 5.0.  Efficient checkout processes bring customers into the store and slow, inefficient checkouts drive them away.

Shoppers today have demands; demands that the retailer better meet or the shopper will go somewhere else to have their demands met.  Varied checkout options that match their shopping objective on a particular day are a critical part of the retail store�??s front-end of the future.  Some of these options include:

  • Personal shopping with store provided device
  • Personal shopping with their own smart device
  • Fast traditional cashier assisted checkout lanes for large volume purchases
  • Fast checkout counters for lower volume specialty purchases
  • Fast and intuitive self-checkout options
  • Automated, high volume and high speed checkout

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