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 From humble beginnings in 1988 BCG has positioned itself as a supplier of quality retail display equipment, custom joinery and building services to the Australian Retail industry. Specialising in the supermarket and FMCG market; BCG continues to be one of the last remaining privately Australian owned, operated organisations still manufacturing supermarket equipment in Australia. Our mission statement is ??Providing Solutions to better your Business?? announcing we have successfully helped retailers maximise sales and increase customer satisfaction in their stores through our design and products.

 All of our products have the retailer in mind and have been designed to minimise waste while maximising sales, and increasing customer satisfaction. BCG has done this by designing equipment that presents merchandise in its most attractive way to encourage sales and present the store in a way that attracts customers. All this is implemented with minimum inconvenience, or loss of customers through our complete engagement with the store and the owner.

Retailers can feel confident with our broad range of items, to know that the products they are purchasing are tried, tested and proven performers in the Australian market, made in Australia. BCG??s service difference is we offer a whole of life solution through complete engagement. Our staff work with the retailer until they are fully satisfied. We don??t just supply a product, we provide a complete service. We can maintain and look after the retailer and their equipment for the life of the business. Supporting Australians and Australian companies our materials are purchased and manufactured in Australia.

As a local manufacturer ??Complete Engagement?? enables us to easily modify our units, or custom build specifically to each site. It also allows us to work with store owners to easily develop new and unique designs that meet retailer expectations in providing solutions to their retail problems.

BCG complements our manufacturing division with a mobile building maintenance trade force available 24/7. Whether it??s a difficult security or OH&S issue, a full shop install or as simple as a screw to re-secure an item, our team takes care of it for you. This service allows shop owners to concentrate on the business rather than performing handyman repairs. Our maintenance services can do a full site survey and repair any issue requiring attention. Our staff are all fully qualified tradesman AIP / WPCG accredited so they fully understand the special requirements necessary when working with stores that are associated with customers or petrol.

How important is it for retailers to be armed with the right store equipment? Why? 

Store equipment is just as important as store location, quality of products on sale, product lines offered and level of stock held. Customer perception is poor display poor quality of merchandise being sold. With quality BCG retail equipment merchandise is displayed in a way that shows its best. Unfortunately if you make the wrong decision regarding store equipment it will affect your business for the next 3 to 10 years so it is critical that you get it right.

 For this reason it is critical to do your research, look at the aesthetic appearance you want for your retail environment, look at how much stock you wish to hold, look at life cycle of retail display products and finally ask questions from your suppliers and ensure that you are buying quality. Finally consider things from the customer perspective as they are the ones who buy and determine store success.

 Brian Cummins Group specialises in partnering with our retailers as our philosophy states ??Providing solutions to better your Business??, this is extremely important especially for the Mum and Dad independents. Our clients know they are buying quality at an affordable price, clients can pick from standard or custom options, our design team is available 24/7 to discuss options. Cients can search or purchase online if they wish at and our service team is available 24 hours to maintain products throughout their lifecycle.

What's the best approach a retailer can take in acquiring store equipment?

Call Brian Cummins Sales Team and talk to the experts. Together with publications such as retail world and convenience world available on a monthly basis look at what trends are taking place within your retail environment. You can also keep an eye on Brian Cummins Group at, with detailed product information, extensive products for sale online, detailed frequently asked questions and regular blog??s each month why not subscribe and keep up to date.

Nothing beats touching the equipment you are looking for, that??s why Brian Cummins Group and Wedderburn Scales have created Australia??s only retail ??ONE STOP SHOP?? showroom open business hours at 101 Williamson Road Ingleburn NSW 2565 or call 1300 66 22 14 to arrange a visit.

 Would you advise retailers to use a broker, speak to a supplier or go straight to a wholesaler for information /advice? 

This is a great question and comes down to the individual; no one knows the retailers store better than the retailer and their management team. Most of the time when our team is engaged we are taking the retailers concept and putting it into practice, using influences from over 1500 fit outs over 24 years our knowledge is invaluable.

Speak to who you feel comfortable with, ensuring that you ask the questions that will supply you the best outcome for your store and customers.

How useful is a basic internet search when it comes to helping a retailer decide on the right system for their business? What are the risks in this approach? 

This has been a massive change in recent years; the internet can be a huge advantage to any retailer as well as a pitfall for the unwary. With the ability to search past work, product offering and even purchase at any time during the day and night it has opened opportunities not seen before. This can sometimes create a false sense of what is desired online sites show display equipment that may not be appropriate or manufactured to withstand the heavy wear and tear experienced in retail; it may even be second hand and worn out.

Brian Cummins Group new online store is a fantastic tool for our retailers, with our standard product line available it enables access to our options at all times. Unlike other online sites our store is supported by a designer who can be contacted by Phone or in person at our Showroom.

Do the same principles / best approaches apply regardless of whether you're acquiring a new POS system, security system, fridge system or checkout? 

This was an interesting question for me and one that posed some answers I required assistance to answer; I contacted Mario Xuereb Business Manager of POS at Wedderburn Scales. We had an in depth discussion around this point and came up with some basic goals when purchasing retail equipment whether Checkouts, Bakery, Produce, Scales or POS.

With OH&S and regulatory requirements a big factor on every workplace today, you need to be aware of any standards or regulations your equipment may need to comply to;  for example, Electrical  compliance, Food safety standards, Ergonomic operating heights, Weights and measures and NMI POS requirements. Many cheap products being imported from overseas do not comply with basic Australian standards putting customers and staff at risk, making business owners liable. If you are not sure what requirements your business needs to comply to, ask for advice from an expert at BCG.

Purchasing a POS system, security system, fridge system or checkout is just the first step, these types of equipment are critical to how your business performs. Make sure the equipment is maintained regularly for a long life cycle to obtain maximum ROI on your purchase, and always deal with a reputable company that will provide assistance even after the sale has been made. 

In order, what are three key steps retailers should take in seeking out information, acquiring and maintaing store equipment for their business? 

Step One:

Spend some time in your store, not as the owner, not as the manager but as a customer looking in from the outside! Ask yourself some very simple questions such as: What engages you to come into this store and purchase? What is your shopping experience like once in the store? How easy is it to find what I am after? How do the products on display present? What Products would I like that this store does not have? What is my checkout experience like?

Step Two:

Once armed with this information contact a specialised contractor such as Brian Cummins Group and discuss the obstacles you identified and together we will find products and solutions. This will allow retailers to tailor their equipment at the client demographic attending their store.

Step Three:

Maintain your store and equipment, using specialised a specialised service company such as Brian Cummins Group. This extends the life of your store, it maintains standards of appearance and ensures that your store is always presented in a well maintained image.

Any other comments?

Many factors affect store performance but our research has shown with careful selection of equipment, correct placement of displays, effective merchandising and clever checkout units, stores can increase sales and reduce labor usage and in turn create a more profitable store.

 Use of standard units with added flare of some customisation is a great way to distinguish you from your competition, yet the installation can also increase efficiency, for example recently the installation of BCG express checkouts saved one retailer 400 hours per annum in operational costs.

 Finally always factor in after sales service, this can be the difference between upgrades every 10 Years and undertaking another fit out after only 3 years.