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 Your air conditioning system is a key component in your comfort. You often don't think about them because they are just expected to operate without much work on your part. Setting the thermostat is about as involved as most owners will get.

These systems are built to last and withstand a large amount of use but, they still require annual maintenance. Setting up an annual maintenance schedule will help to avoid the dreaded breakdown that we all know will occur on the hottest and most humid day of the year. If you are not on a regular maintenance schedule you may have some questions.

Annual air conditioning maintenance will insure your system's efficiency and operability. This will end up saving you money on your utility bills and extend the life of your equipment. An annual maintenance can also spot minor repair needs within your system before they become larger, more expensive problems. Many companies will also maintain a record of your maintenance visits which can prove valuable when selling your home.

Maintenance can be conducted at any time but keep in mind that many maintenance companies tend to be very busy during the spring and summer months in seasonal areas. If you are in a seasonal part of the country, it may be best to schedule your maintenance at the end of the usage season when the demand is not as great. Many companies may offer special promotions at this time as well since the business has slowed some. Whatever time you do choose, just keep it consistent.

A technician will generally provide a thorough cleaning of your system and inspection of all components to insure they are operating properly. The filters will be changed and parts will be lubricated as needed. The technician may also check your thermostat to verify it is calibrated properly. Finally, coolant may be added and the system will be put through a system test to make sure it is operating properly after the maintenance.

While owners can change the filters monthly, it is best to have a certified technician like BCG to conduct your annual maintenance. These units are very complicated pieces of equipment and BCG??s technicians are specially trained to recognize common issues that you may not notice. Our techs are also aware of any changes and recalls from the manufacturer.

Brian Cummins Group is specialized in providing Building maintenance and air conditioner maintaining services to the people of Australia. Our techs are rigorously trained towards the working process of an AC unit and they have over 25 years of experience in handling all type branded AC units. So no matter how complex your AC unit may be. Call us today to make you cool all day!!