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Know The Importance Of Right Shop Fittings

 It can be tempting with a small store to cram as much stock as you can into the space that you have available. While you certainly don't want an empty shop, sometimes less is more. Customers need to be able to see what you're saying and feel at ease to browse around, without feeling like they've got to squeeze past every clothes rail and table.

All shop fittings should work for your shop, not against it, and should display what you have to offer in the best way possible. However, because the fittings will take up such a large part of your budget when opening a new shop, you may be tempted to go for the cheapest option, perhaps even second hand surplus from other stores. Yet walking into a store that's a jumble of odd racks and rails does not give off a great impression, so is this really what you want your customers to see?

Before buying any shop fittings, make sure you know what you're going for first. Find your premises and thoroughly plan out the floor space. Think about how your customers will be and what they might expect. Leave adequate space for moving around between each clothes rail, especially for disabled people and anyone with buggies, and plan in space for the till, fitting rooms and displays. Far from being a waste of stock space, displays are critical when it comes to sales and will definitely work for you if used correctly.

You may wish to consider using a variety of clothes rails to separate your shop into different sections, or it may be that you want to use the same throughout for unity. It is likely, however, that you will need rails of different heights at different times, so choose adjustable rails for ultimate flexibility. If your shop is small or narrow, avoid having high rails on the shop floor, but instead display long or tall items against walls. This will give both you and your customers a nice clear view across the store - great for them to spy extra things to buy and not feel too crowded, and great for you to avoid potential shoplifter hiding places.

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