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Show Your Cakes & Complimentary Products With Stylish Bakery Displays

 Throughout history, there are examples of functional items turned fashion items. Such is the case with bakery racks and bakery displays. Bakeries producing fragrant bread loaves, rolls, sweet rolls, pies and more would place these fresh baked goods directly on cooling racks from hot ovens, allowing them to cool before offering them to customers.

Even in early homes, baked goods needed a place to cool from the hot oven. Bakery display units provide the perfect solution, standing out of the way with several shelves at the ready to be filled with delicious home baked goodness. Sadly, the hectic lifestyles of the present day have dramatically transformed the production of home baked foods in favor of bakery fresh goods, already baked, cooled and ready to eat. The baker's rack, however, has retained its status in the home, now being revered for its beauty and elegance rather than its functional ability.

The design of the baker's rack has also evolved over the years. For the practical usage, the rather plain and simple cooling racks composed of long metal rods supported by metal legs were all that was needed.

Uses for the modern day bakery racks and display units widely differ, as well. The racks provide generous storage capabilities, some of which offer up to 5 or 6 shelving units where cookware can be stored until ready to use. This can be especially desirable in kitchens or dining rooms where space is of great value. With ones that are equipped with drawers, the storage space is multiplied without sacrificing an organized appearance.

They also provide a wonderful opportunity for displaying decorative items. Each shelf can be the showcase for collections of special dishware, vases or earthenware. Flowers, greenery or vines offer a fresh accent to artwork or framed photographs creatively arranged on a marble, granite or wicker shelf. Some that also feature a lower wine rack can be decoratively adorned with wine country memorabilia; thick clusters of grapes and ivy cascading down the sides while whimsical bottle holders take center stage on the shelf.

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