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Renovate your shop with our shop fittings

 No one likes monotonous things. The same appearance of one's shop year after year can be quite a bore. In such cases, shop fitting proves to be the saviour. It is the business where old retail and service shops and stores are fitted with tools, gears and furnishings. This business is relevant to all types of shops, from a tiny corner shop to hypermarkets. One has to frequentlyincorporate qualified expertise in interior design, manufacturing of furniture, fittings and procuring of retail tools for the shop fitting. It gives a new look to the shop, making it more attractive to the customers who would want to come there more.

Conducting a survey and measurement of accessible space and preparing design drawings is the first step of shop fitting. An independent interior designer can also help prepare that. The shop fitter then organizes for purchase of good and valuableequipment, supplies and delivers the custom-built goods and physically installs them. He does this until the shop is ready for daily operation.

Brian Cummins group offers the people a variety of options. They are known to completely change the complete setting and feel of the shop. They provide a wide assortment of products, like Counters, Show Cases, Wall Strip Slat Panel, Retail display cabinet plus a vast series of shelving which is applicable for all kinds of stores. They offer shelves to suit just about any product or application. One just has to select the right company. They can tailor custom shop fits to suit one's requirements.

The staff at Brian Cummins group is very professional. They help its customers with design, layout and installation and also modify the fittings in the finest way. Custom finishes are supplied from a huge range of powder coat colours to a timber finish. One would be basically surprised at what is obtainable. 

The finest part of Brian Cummins group is that they ship nationally every day. One can have their products without much ado. In spite of being very appealing and functional, they are quite reasonable too. So no matter where one is, they can deliver to door, on time, every-time.BCG can provide your company with retail interior solutions to match the restrictions of your budget or design and build personalized shop fitting solutions and develop a unique scheme for your retail environment.