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Make your brand statement with retail fit outs from BCG

 At a time when many storefronts and shops are struggling with flat to low sales figures, the last thing on their minds is renovating retail space. Renovation certainly comes with a cost anda cost of $1500??2000/sqm, the investment needed to catapult the store to a higher standards often slams the brakes for most retailers, but there is good news though with the latest trends in fabulous shop design and merchandising actually do not cost top dollar. The truth being that  retailers stand a good chance at saving big money and certainly assurance of getting a much better return on investment.

When you want to invest in shop fit outs, make sure you list out the bare necessities for your shop to bring about the change in shopping experience for your customers and ways in which your employees will be more productive with a redesigned layout.  Retail display units mainly comprise of display counters that serve their purpose when placed strategically within the storefront. Thesedisplay counters are your best bet to show case your products effectively for your valuable customer's. A well-designed display counter would mean that it can store a variety of different products and still make them easy to identify and pick them out as desired by the shoppers without clutter and improves sales and profits.  Stores that do not use eye-catching signage and user-friendly fit outs attract far less customers and it serves to have a change in the mind of the retailer for real transformation to work the magic.

Display counters for example are very useful to stack magazines, provisions, and even jewelry and fashion items.  You can visit websites of businesses that sell these fit outs and choose the right kind which are best suited to your personal needs. There are fits out that fit every budget and once you have decided on a piece you can order the same online and get it delivered to your shipping address with just few clicks of the mouse. By now you understand that the right shop fittings are essential to retail, hospitality and commercial businesses today and many of the successful chain outlets have perfected the store lay out, mixing up the various styles and varieties in a way to enhance the total customer experience and have the perfect brand statement reflect on the customers' minds every time they think of purchasing.

BCG has been a leader in retail, hospitality and commercial fit outs and have continued to help businesses across Australia succeed with a wide range of products and you can be sure to find the ones that suit your needs personally. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us 24 hours at 1300 66 22 14.  Our design engineers will work closely with your design team to create the perfect layout and fit outs to maximize customer engagement and increase your sales and profits! Visit us online at