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 Building maintenance is one of the important aspects of managing or maintaining a property. The maintenance of a building or structure is what makes it livable and therefore attractive to potential residents or tenants. Building maintenance involves maintaining the premises of a structure, both the exteriors and interiors, making certain that everything is in order, useful and functional. Unnecessary to say, the job is a comprehensive one. Maintenance is usually designated to the property manager, which could either be an individual or a company.

Owners who can't look after their property usually hire property management companies or experts to do numerous tasks, including maintenance, publicising and liaison. When it comes to building maintenance, the property manager looks after the physical condition of the structure, ensuring that there are no problems and, if there are, overseeing any repairs, alterations, renovations or replacements that need to be done. As mentioned, upkeep of the property is an all-inclusive job, nevertheless there are two main problems that often arise and they are: plumbing and wiring.

Problems involving the water and sewage systems are usually of immediate concerns and should be addressed as soon as possible. Property upkeep staff is responsible for educating residents and tenants regarding proper use of toilet, sink and other related equipment to avoid serious problems. Proper disposal of trash and proper use of water should be emphasized. Electrical problems are also common in property complexes and establishments. These problems are frequently life-threatening, and therefore must be addressed immediately.

The property manager in charge in building maintenance should make regular and random checks on the electrical systems, and then contact a knowledgeable electrician to resolve problems. Just like shortage in water supply, power failure causes great inconvenience to residents and tenants. The property manager should not waste time in addressing these concerns. All property maintenance activities are indispensable to not only make the property visually pleasing, but also to extend the life of the structure and to improve its level of security and comfort. However, it should be noted that building maintenance projects require money. It is part of the job of the property manager to determine the cost and benefit of every single undertaking involving property maintenance.

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