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Shelving: BCG delivers simple and easy

 What makes big supermarkets make the customers go crazy and forces them to make spontaneous purchases? The answer is the shop layout and shelving. This article brings out the importance of shelving and provide tips to improve the store layout by which you will have a better business output.

Fresh is good:

Your shop gets a great boost when your customers are invited into your store by something that is fresh, not just by the looks but by the smell as well. Creating an atmosphere by having floral arrangements at the entrance adds to freshness of the store and there by bringing in more new customers. If your store is a bakery, then the smell of freshly baked bread is going to be the thing that will lure in more customers and will get them salivating.

Simple and easy:

Shop shelves don�??t have to be all fancy. Having dump bins and temporary shelves is very vital to allow customers making last minute changes. Dump bins helps the customers save a lot of time especially to get rid of things when you are about to checkout. This Having a grab and go system design is going to help customers make spontaneous buys.

Open to changes:

It annoys the customers when you change your store frequently, but occasional changes would be welcomed to allow extra sales and boost the sale of enticing new products. Making space for seasonal and limited items on special occasions. It is a very efficient promotional tactics as it slows customers down and makes them wonder what the change is all about. Displaying them on endcaps or corner units is a very good way to highlight the product.


Common products are better kept in the center of the store as it makes it really easy for customers to seek the product they need. Refrigeration shelves are also best kept in the center-back of the store as they can just pick things they need when they surf for other products. 

Keep things reachable and lookable

It is a well-known fact that product that are visible and the ones that are at eye level are preferred over the products in the lower shelves. Preferring to keep products that attract kids at lower shelves is a good business strategy 

Finally your usability should be easy to secure your peace of mind. Ensuring that your source quality is reliable and endorsed with proper shopfittings. Configuring your shelves in the suited way that occupies less space is critical. For further tips contact Brian Cummins Group at 1300 66 22 14