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Brian Cummins Group Feature in Convenience World AUG 2016

How do the shelving and display needs of convenience stores differ from larger format supermarkets and other retailers?

Our opinion is that it shouldn't, at the end of the day retailing principles are the same good merchandising along with educated planagraming will always win out. One specific consideration/change I would suggest is visibility, when we sit down with a retailer and enter design phase we would almost always look for low height shelving @ approx. 1500mm high.

Convenience is looking to sell smaller ranges targeted specifically at their consumer base where as a large format supermarket is looking for larger stock holdings, broader ranges and larger size portions

How have shelving/display technologies improved in recent years?

Absolutely without doubt shelving technologies have improved, shelving its self is the same as always but the attachments for improved merchandising has grown at an exceptional rate. We now have pusher systems, bulk food dispensing applications, confectionary scoop systems that can retrofit into any shelving solution.

What should a convenience store retailer look for when upgrading shelving or display?

Quality, the market has been flooded with low quality systems only able to hold 30-40 kg per shelf. Price maybe great but what is the safety of your staff and client's worth?

Colour is the other consideration, pick a colour that neutral and will not date but more importantly one that will not show finger prints or collect dust (Wire Shelves verses solid)

How can modern shelving/display improve efficiency? (i.e. easier to restock/clean)

Modern shelving along with the correct merchandising attachments can lead to reduced staffing levels, improved sales and better management of stock. By utilising the right colours, selecting the right shelves you can reduce your cleaning/maintenance and focus on the stock that generates your income.

How can shelving/display improve impulse sales? (e.g. improved visibility/accessibility)

Please see attached images of recent fitouts we have undertaken showing before and after

How important are size and location of shelving/display in a convenience store, and what are the affects of getting this wrong? Are you releasing any new equipment/products that are suitable for the P&C market? (If so, please provide details and images, if possible)

With major supermarket chains coming in from overseas with their new ideologies I believe that there will be a lot more innovation introduced into the Australian supermarket retail area. This will focus on Cash Handling, Store Loyalty programs and end to end marketing. For instance, whilst we see a move to alternate payment methods, cash is still the preferred method of payment for consumers in the Retail space.

Retailers face numerous challenges when managing cash in their stores and we have seen a move to cash automation solutions in overseas markets. Retailers who have implemented a cash management program have been able to achieve savings from decreased labour costs, reduced/eliminated internal cash shrinkage, optimised cash flow, reduced armoured car costs, and counterfeit detection.

Brian Cummins Group has recently partnered with Glory Global Solutions and have released a range of counters incorporating intelligent cash automation solutions, this range has been designed to offer retailers safety, security and cash management.

Self-service counters have been successful in managing store front end labour and cash management, but really who likes using them? Our new partnered release will offer all the benefits around cash management seen in self-service with the customer service experience from a store operated counter.

Brian Cummins Group and Glory Global Solutions strongly believe this partnership around smart cash management, will transform the Australian retail scene.

Can you share any case studies or recent examples of how your equipment has assisted a P&C retailer?

Brian Cummins Group are pleased to advised we have just completed the first in store MessageWrap program at Foodworks Summerland Point, with a focus on 3 main areas of promotion being Pensioner Discount Monday, Meal deal (including a chicken, Coke and Coleslaw) and 4 cent petrol deal.

So What is MessageWrap?

MessageWrap is a retail innovation that provides Abundant clean in-store messaging space at checkout, to amplify retail marketing initiatives. It transforms the black checkout conveyor belts at retail stores into custom-printed messaging boards in the highest traffic area of the store, to amplify major retail marketing initiatives.

Internal studies by retailers show shoppers recall the message from MessageWrap at a rate 5 times higher than any other in-store signage. MessageWrap is also coated with an antibacterial coating, providing a cleaner surface for shoppers at checkout and a competitive advantage to retailers who adopt it.

Our Team helps retailers communicate their most important marketing priorities that need widespread engagement with 100% of shoppers. The results speak for themselves:

  • Best Buy Bread and Milk Deal increased by 32%
  • 4 Cent Fuel Deal redemption increased by 20%
  • Pensioner Discount Monday increased by 283%

Additionally, Guy and the team provided their valued clients a bacteria free safe checkout experience, plus a clear increase in transactions. Please provide a brief background on your business.

From humble beginnings in 1988 BCG has positioned itself as a supplier of quality cabinet, joinery and building services; to the Australian Retail industry, specialising in the supermarket and FMCG market. BCG continues to be one of the remaining privately Australian owned, operated and one of the last still manufacturing supermarket equipment in Australia.

We have successfully helped retailers maximise sales and increase customer satisfaction in their stores through our design and products. This is through our mission statement "Brian Cummins Group tailors and maintains whole of life solutions to the Australian Retailer through complete engagement".

All of our products have the retailer in mind and have been designed to minimise waste whilst maximising sales. It has done this by presenting merchandise in its most attractive way to encourage sales and present the store in a way that attracts customers, implemented with minimum inconvenience, or loss of customers through our complete engagement<./p>

Retailers can feel confident with our broad range of items, to know that the products they are purchasing are tried, tested and proven performers in the Australian market, made in Australia. BCG's service difference is we offer a whole of life solution with complete engagement. Our staff work with the retailer until they are fully satisfied. We dont just supply a product; we provide a complete service. We can maintain and look after the retailer and his/her equipment for the life of the business. Supporting Australians and Australian companies our materials are purchased and manufactured in Australia.

As a local manufacturer "Complete Engagement" enables us to easily modify our units, or custom build specifically to each site. It also allows us to work with store owners to easily develop new and unique designs that meet retailer expectations in providing solutions to their retail problems.

BCG complements our manufacturing division with a mobile building maintenance trade force available 24/7. Whether it's a difficult security or OH&S issue, a full shop install or as simple as a screw to resecure an item, our team takes care of it for you. This service allows shop owners to concentrate on the business rather than performing handyman repairs. Our maintenance services can do a full site survey and repair any issue requiring attention. Our staff are all fully AIP / WPCG accredited so they fully understand the special requirements necessary when working with stores that are associated with customers or petrol.

As a tier one supplier for Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodworks, Friendly Grocer and SPAR clients are guaranteed a quality product with exceptional service.