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Customer Testimonial - IGA Kellerberrin Co-op


Customer Testimonial 

TekTile Design Tile

Linda Taylor from Kellerberrin Farmers Co-op IGA

I would like to report that we have noticed considerable savings on the cost of cleaning solutions that we used to pour onto our old floor. We also do not need the yearly stripping and polishing that cost in excess of $5000 for contractors to do per year.  Ideally, this should have been done more regularly but the cost was too high.

The fact that the floor is anti-fatigue has been very noticeable and very much appreciated by our staff, and customers have commented on this as well.  We haven’t needed to change any of the tiles as yet, but the thought of simply replacing them individually is appealing. Our Metcash Area Manager is Jim Hawley.  He arranged for a Jeff Johnson to visit our store to provide some advice on how to do a better layout in some areas.  Jeff commented that – for a country store – the floor looked very clean and neat.  

I am still in awe of how well the installation process was – especially because we didn’t have to close the store or move the shelving.  Brilliant.  No lost sales and customers got to see a work in progress.