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Introducing TekTile new General Manager: Steve Deakin


We would like to introduce and welcome Steve Deakin, who has recently joined us as General Manager for our Tek Tile Australia flooring business.

Steve is looking forward to serving our existing client base and expanding into new markets with these truly unique products.
Steve brings over 25 years of experience from the UK and Australia within Facilities Management, Account Management, and the Flooring sector.  He has supported businesses large and small - from major ASX listed companies to small independent retailers and looks forward to bringing a personal and solution focussed approach to our valued clients.

We asked Steve a few ‘get to know you’ questions…

What are you looking forward to at Tek Tile Australia and BCG?
Working for a business that is collaborative, innovative and which continues to grow its reputation, based on reliability, quality, service and delivering a great Return on Investment.  The way the business adapted in 2020 given Covid-19 to support its team and clients while maintaining steady growth, is testament to being able to ensure client confidence and that their needs are met.

What will your first 12 months look like?
Meet and Greet our clients and obtain a deep understanding of their requirements. Promote our ‘Urban’ and ‘Industrial’ range to complement our high selling ‘Design’ tile. Become a trusted partner where I manage projects from conception through to installation and beyond. 

What values do you live by?
Integrity.  My word is as strong as any contract and whilst obviously, the latter is a necessity, I deliver on what I promise, and I know the same is true at Tek Tile and BCG.  I would also say optimism (especially over the past year!)   It’s important to focus on challenges and celebrate small wins when they come. Don’t be afraid of trying something new or outside your comfort zone.  I have a mantra I live by ……” The biggest mistake you can make in life is to continually fear you’ll make one”.

What part of your career has been the most rewarding?
Ironically, it has been during tough times.  That’s because at these moments it forces you to overcome issues and succeed in some shape or form.  You realise that you and the teams you manage can do great things. Aside from that - receiving genuinely enthusiastic feedback from clients is always very satisfying.

What do you enjoy when not working?
Watching my beloved Liverpool FC, playing golf when time allows and spending time with my family. We like travelling (when we can!) and we enjoy trying different foods and Australia is foodie heaven - one of the best places in the world for this. You can’t go past well-prepared scallops or calamari / Pinot Gris and the odd pint of craft beer or Guinness (in no particular order).

A most embarrassing moment?
Shortly after moving to Australia, somebody gave my family and I tickets to an AFL game which we knew nothing about (you can’t live in Victoria without supporting an AFL team it seems).  It turns out it was Ben Cousins last game (Richmond v Port Adelaide). Trying to grasp the rules of this strange new game I noticed the crowd shouting ‘Boo’ every time a player held the ball whilst being tackled, so I joined in for a while.  Turns out they were actually shouting ‘Ball’……… I had the last laugh though as I became a Tigers fan and the rest, as they say, is history!
Steve is Melbourne based, and in addition to his Tek Tile responsibilities looks forward to supporting BCG’s clients throughout Victoria.

Steve can be reached at:
Phone             1300 662 214 (Aus) +61 2 8711 1650 (Intl.)
Fax                  +61 2 8711 1699
Mobile             0407 961 813 (Aus) +61 407 961 813( Intl.)