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BCG: Always Going the Extra Mile


When BCG says it’s willing to go the extra mile (or kilometre), it’s not just lip service, it’s our reality!


For over three decades, BCG have provided their products and services all over our vast continent. We have earned the trust of clients across every State and Territory, whether city, town or country.   We recognise that clients in Regional Australia are often unable to access the same level of services that their city-based counterparts can – so we bring our services to them on wheels!


Backing up this commitment, at the date of publishing, our Directors, Brian and Tracey Cummins, have been on the road for six weeks visiting clients from Thursday Island to Brisbane. They reinforce the BCG commitment that no job is too far away, and our partnership extends to deliver support and service even after an order has been fulfilled.


By travelling the extra mile, BCG aims to make the average – exceptional!  Our clients are more than just customers, they are part of our BCG community.


Be part of our BCG Family. 

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