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Testimonial from Thomas Jin: Proprietor of Tongli Supermarkets


Tongli is the largest Asian grocery supermarket chain in Sydney, boasting more than 17 stores across various suburbs of New South Wales. Known for his passion in innovation and attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction, Thomas jin is the Proprietor of Tongli Supermarkets Australia. Here’s what he has to say about Brian Cummins Group products and services.


“As the owner of 17 supermarkets across metropolitan Sydney – trust, reliability, relationship, quality and service mean everything to me when working with partners and suppliers.


Do I care about price? I sure do! But along the way I want to make sure that my return on investment delivers product that lasts and after sales service I can rely on.       


That is why for over 10 years, Brian Cummins Group has been my retail equipment and installation partner of choice.


When we started working together, YanYan Zhao (BCG’s National Sales Manager) was a customer of my supermarket who convinced me to try BCG service and retail equipment. I’m glad I did!


Since then, as Tongli has grown, so too has BCG. So, whenever I update, add, or refurbish a store, it’s BCG who design, manufacture, and install their products – including custom checkout counters, for that location. BCG also partnered Tongli in the commissioning of the first supermarket with a fully contactless cash handling solution. More recently, the easy lay, easy clean and stylish Cream Terrazzo Design from BCG’s Tek Tile Australia has become my flooring solution.


I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending BCG and Tek Tile Australia.”

Photo with Thomas Jin