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Don't forget to check out your checkout!


As a retailer, have you given your checkouts much thought lately?

With much attention given to every other aspect of a store in terms of design and aesthetics, checkouts can be easily overlooked. But as the point-of-purchase - the ‘goal line’ when shopping, the place in which your customerspart with their hard eared dollars and the final point of contact between you and your customers, your store checkout counters arguably deserve more credit and love than they’re currently receiving.

Sure, it makes sense to invest in the overall aesthetics of your store – after all, the appearance of an establishment strongly influences consumer behaviour. You’ve already invested in beautiful produce displays, creative layouts, modern fixtures, great flooring and even ceiling features but why not invest in a smart, functional, secure and well-built checkout counter too? You’d be surprised at how investing in a great checkout, coupled with the following tips can help improve your customers’ shopping experience and ultimately lead to a boost in sales:


Impulse! Display small, practical items.

Customers often buy last-minute items from the checkout counter display if offered the opportunity. These displays become really valuable real estate for your store. Impulse purchases are more likely to be made when your customers have easy access and available time and there’s no better area in your business to encourage this than at checkouts. Take advantage by displaying small, easy to grab, visually appealing but practical items.

Make checkouts inviting.

While the checkout is the perfect space to place impulse items that checkouts cluttered with too many products can also put customers off from making those last-minute purchases. Declutter checkouts and display highly visible products with eye-catching and enticing packaging.

Seal the deal.

With what, you may ask? Customer service! While getting your customers to spend a little bit more with last minute impulse purchases at the checkout counter is a great bonus, an exceptional shopping experience is what stays with them. Build a relationship with your customers through your staff at the checkouts – provide customer service training for your employees and watch them build meaningful connections with customers.


Your checkout counter is the last point of contact between you and your customer until their next visit. While last-minute sales are a great bonus, providing a convenient and pleasant overall experience for your customers from the moment they enter your store premises until it’s time to have their purchases completed at the checkout, is what will keep them coming back for more. Invest in a checkout that will give both you and your customer a seamless experience.  

If you’re looking for checkouts that are beautifully crafted, ergonomic, compact, value-added, and customisable, you’ve come to the right place. BCG offers a wide array of high quality and high-capacity checkouts made of timber and stainless steel that are designed with efficiency, performance, and aesthetics in mind. Need adjustable confectionery shelving to display products? We’ve got you covered! Get more value for your hard-earned money by taking advantage of innovative checkout features and a variety of available configurations. Check out our range of full-sized and express checkout counters.


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