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From little things, big things grow - BCG's steps towards a more sustainable future


Change can be scary and intimidating.  

We’ve all had that nerve-racking, nail-biting, and unnerving moment when we had to take that first step out of that little box, we call our ‘comfort zones.’ At that moment of uncertainty, change might seem inconvenient, unnecessary, and yet inevitable. So while we may agree that the only way for us to grow is to change, often we may oppose it.  

Our world and climate is changing too with extreme weather events more prevalent whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  

We are very lucky to be living in one of the most nurturing, diverse, breathtaking countries in the world but how do we preserve it for future generations? We need to act now, but where do we begin? An open mind, for starters. 

What is Sustainability? 

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs 

notes the Brundtland Commission – a sub-organisation of the United Nations*. 

A common apprehension is the idea that sustainability comes at the expense of the economy and jobs. This can often be misplaced. Environmental sustainability combined with social responsibility and continuously evolving technology, can and will drive economic growth and sustainability. By supporting local manufacturers who are heavily invested, not just only in sustainable manufacturing, but sourcing local materials and educating employees on sound sustainability practices, high quality products can be produced while protecting the environment and helping the local economy thrive. 

BCG’s sustainability commitment  

BCG has always been committed to providing our customers with exemplary products. But we know that we cannot rest on our laurels and that we need to do more to ensure that our products are produced with a reduced carbon footprint using sustainably sourced materials. With this unwavering commitment, BCG will continue to set the bar higher by investing heavily in technologies and sustainable work practices.  

Earlier this year, BCG transitioned into powering all our manufacturing facilities with 100% sustainable solar energy at our Ingleburn, Sydney facility.  Likewise, none of the wood or board used during our manufacturing goes to waste – We chip these offcuts or rejected components up and send back to our board supplier where they are repurposed and turned into the new board we receive and manufacture with.  

This is just the beginning of our journey. We hope you will join us.  


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*Source: Eco Canada, “Sustainability Series: What is sustainability and why is it important?”, published 7 April, 2021, author Hannah Kacary.