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The All-New IGA Umina Beach, Powered by BCG


IGA Umina Beach is a brand-new addition to the Central Coast community, designed with convenience and customer experience in mind. This state-of-the-art store is the result of a partnership between IGA and Brian Cummins Group, Australia's leading retail solutions provider.

BCG Equipment on Display

While the aesthetics are certainly impressive, IGA Umina Beach goes beyond just looking good – it's built with functionality at its core. BCG's premium supermarket equipment ensures smooth operations and a great shopping experience. Here's some of the BCG equipment you'll find at IGA Umina Beach:

  • Beverage Station: A stylish and efficient way to showcase and dispense a variety of beverages.
  • Produce Bins: Designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and appealing.
  • Flower Display Unit: A beautiful way to present fresh flowers and add a touch of elegance to the store.

BCG: Your Premier One-Stop Retail Solutions Hub

Brian Cummins Group is the industry leader in comprehensive retail solutions, offering top-quality equipment and services that elevate the functionality and appeal of specialty stores, supermarkets, and other retail spaces. The opening of IGA Umina Beach exemplifies BCG's expertise, dedication to excellence, and unwavering commitment to innovation. With BCG's cutting-edge solutions, IGA Umina Beach has become a modern, efficient, and customer-centric shopping destination.

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