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Inside IGA Lawson's Transformation: A Look at BCG's Collaborative Approach


Transforming a retail space like a supermarket, requires a blend of expert design, skilled execution, and top-notch equipment. The recent refit of IGA Lawson exemplifies how the Brian Cummins Group ecosystem excels in delivering this seamless integration, resulting in a store that is both beautiful and functional.

The Power of Collaboration

The IGA Lawson project showcases the strength of BCG's interconnected divisions:

Cummins Design & Development Services (C2DS): C2DS served as the project's backbone, providing comprehensive project management and design services. Their vision laid the groundwork for a refit that maximised space and enhanced the customer experience.

Tek Tile Australia: Tek Tile Australia brought the design to life through expert flooring installation. The right flooring not only complements the store's aesthetics but also contributes to durability and ease of maintenance.

BCG Retail and Manufacturing: The core of BCG's offering, our retail and manufacturing team supplied a wide array of high-quality retail equipment including:

The Result: A Transformed IGA Lawson

The combined efforts of BCG, Tek Tile Australia, and Cummins Design and Development Services transformed IGA Lawson into a modern and inviting grocery store. The new layout improves customer flow, the display units highlight products effectively, and the overall design creates a welcoming atmosphere. This refit is a testament to how collaboration within the BCG ecosystem can achieve outstanding results.

Why Choose the Brian Cummins Group?

From concept to completion, BCG handles all aspects of your refit project, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple vendors. Each division brings specialised knowledge and craftsmanship to the table, ensuring the highest standards throughout the process. BCG understands that every retail space is unique that’s why we’re always ready to tailor our products and services to meet your specific needs and budget.

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