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AeroGlove ®

A Touch-Free, Sanitary Solution

The revolutionary, touchless design of the AeroGlove® poly glove dispenser lets you apply gloves without contaminating their external surfaces. Its motion-activated fan pushes a burst of air into the top glove, allowing for fast, efficient glove changes to keep your operation running smoothly.

Space Saving Design that is Easy to Use

AeroGlove dispensers are compact and can be mounted in a variety of ways to accommodate even the smallest of workspaces. They can be wall-mounted in any direction, pedestal-mounted for a standalone hygiene station, or placed on a tabletop. The AeroGlove runs on eight (8) "D" cell batteries or AC power, giving you ultimate flexibility. Even on battery power, the AeroGlove stands up to the test - allowing up to 30,000 activations on one set of batteries!


Great for Many Applications

While the AeroGlove poly glove dispenser is ideal for food serving and preparation, it can also be used for many other applications. They are great for:


  •        Bakeries
  •        Delis
  •        Supermarkets
  •        Commercial Kitchens
  •        Foodservice / Catering
  •        Convenience Stores
  •        Self-Serve Locations
  •        Restaurants
  •        Restrooms (to prevent contamination from door handles)
  •        Doctor / Dental Offices
  •        Healthcare Facilities
  •        First Aid Locations
  •        Pet / Boarding Facilities

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