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Line Marking

Complete Facilities Maintenance

Line Marking Services

BCG offers a complete Facilities Maintenance Service, this includes a detailed Line Marking Service

What does your car park line marking say about your company?

Are your lines faded and worn? Are they a possible OHS&E Risk to your business?

Do you have problems with people parking where they are not meant to? Are your clients or staff accessing restricted area's?

Do you need traffic calming solutions?

Scrub & seal the concrete surface

Supply & install Wheel Stops

Supply & install Speed Humps

Supply & install Signage

Setout & line marking to your car park

Supply & install Traffic Bollards

Linemarking can turn your dull carpark or Shopping Centre into something a little more than just a carpark, why not let us stencil your name in each carpark so that it's always there waiting for YOU and not someone else.

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