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Brian Cummins Group manufacture quality cashier checkouts for supermarkets, independent retail stores, fast food chains, shopping centres & tobacconists.

Our retailers and consumers trust the efficient and durable checkouts - making the purchasing experience  smooth and easy. Our checkout lanes are very affordable with quick manufacturing and installation turnaround times.

All our checkouts are ergonomic and compact - leaving more floor space for you. BCG has a wide range of checkouts and front end counters; choose from single, tandem, express as well as matching display or confectionery merchandisers. These units come standard with all the accessories our competitors consider options, from stainless impact protection, heavy duty adjustable legs. Australian made conveyor belts, 3mm heavy duty vinyl tops with the ability to custom modify to any of your requirements.

We can offer expertise and advise on your next checkout counter.

Check out our new showroom at Ingleburn, NSW for our latest products or call to discuss custom designed checkout solutions.

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Checkout Tandem Carousel


BCGs latest release Metal Carousel Counter is set to revolutionise the Australian Retail Market, with four bag holders fitted to a rotating carousel. No matter what your customers purchase it will always go in the correct bag!

With smooth powder coated metal finish and sleek curved lines this checkout counter will not look out of place in any retail environment, even the most boutique outlet could benefit from this checkout counter and its outstanding design. With durable stainless steel top, heavy duty conveyor belts, convenient storage spaces, and smooth powder coated finish, this checkout counter is built to last and stand your store out from your competition.

Not just a good looker, this checkout counter has also been designed to be a performer. BCG Metal Carousel Counter is tested through high-traffic retail environment across Australia. It is ready to be fitted with state of the art POS system and optimized for cable management. 



Checkout Express 1800 Left Hand

The Brian Cummins Group 1800 Timber Express Checkout (left hand) is designed to set your store out from the competition. Designed and produced in Australia, this checkout counter comes standard with industry leading features such as.

  • Durable Vinyl Top
  • Ample bag packing area
  • High-quality structure and laminate
  • Adjustable confectionery shelving
  • Basket shelf
  • Adjustable bag packing - accepts plastic and reusable bags
  • Heavy duty adjustable legs

This model bears the mark of BCG toughness as it is built to stand the rigors of retail business. You get a 3mm thick, heavy duty Vinyl top, rubber impact protection and very sturdy feet.

All these features result in a fast transaction of your clients; improving both your efficiency and profit. We always strive to build high quality and durable checkout, so you can have the peace of mind. It is ready to be fitted with state of the art POS system and optimized for cable management.

Notes: Gates, POS system, basket, and bags sold Separ

Call today on 1300 66 22 14

Or contact our sales representatives at for any enquiries