Ceiling Installation and Emergency Repairs

How would this effect your store??

 Ceiling Collapse

The obvious answer is devastating! Well that’s why you need this number 1300 66 22 14, within 48 hours Brian Cummins Group had this store looking like this!

Ceiling Repair

We took care of the lot:

  • Fire isolations
  • Sprinkler Isolations
  • Lighting Isolations
  • Ceiling Removal
  • New Grid Installation
  • New Tile Supply and installation
  • New Lighting Installation
  • New Smoke detector installation and new sprinkler heads and all within 48 hours.

Brian Cummins Group Pty Ltd

24 Stennett Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565
Phone.1300 66 22 14 Fax. +612 8711 1699