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Amazing what comes from peoples' garages.

Ask Apple and Brian Cummins.

Brian Cummins Timeline

1988 - The Cummins family car was unceremoniously evicted as its garage bulged with the new industry of fitting rapidly growing fast food chains, soon expanding to retail shop fitting and building maintenance.

1990 - We leased our first factory and expanded to build supermarket checkouts and equipment and other detailed furniture for retailing and customer service applications.

1992 - Our site maintenance fleet of vehicles was expanded due to customer demand.

1996 - Expansion into metal fabrication to compliment the shop fitting services.

1998 - Extension to over 1400 sq metres workspace with separate cabinetry and metal fabrication operations.

1999 - Major growth of the mobile workshop fleet with vehicles on the road around the clock.

2005 - Expansion to supply retail equipment Australia wide.

2009 - We celebrated 21 years in business with the release of shelving and retail shop fitting display equipment.

2010 - BCG opens office in Brisbane to support our retail clients.

2012 - Addition of a further 2000 sq metres showroom and storage.

2012 - Implemented ERP computer system to provide detailed management of all BCG operations

2013 - 400 Square metre showroom opened in partnership with Wedderburn Scales

2014 - Opened 600 Square Metre manufacturing facility in Perth Western Australia

2014 - Completed 4800 jobs in a 12 month period.

2015 - Implementation of barcode stock management and paperless service scheduling and field service management.

2015 - Commenced offshore manufacturing of a premium range of retail equipment, increasing our manufacturing capacity by 400%.

2106 - Opened Office in Albert Park Victoria

2018 - Completed 5500 jobs in a 12 month period

2018 - Opened Sydney CBD Office in Kensington

2019 - Celebrated 30 years in business.

Today, the Brian Cummins Group is an acknowledged leader in retail presentation, from FMCG and supermarkets to high tech boutiques and wherever excellence in customer service is required from bakeries to council service desks, finance and banking or health and medical services.

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