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Facilities Maintenance

 One phone call or email activates the industry's most complete rapid response maintenance team.

BCG offer what we feel is the best Buliding Maintenance Service on the Australian market, with highly qualified staff we 
have been successfully maintaing Retail, Commercial & Petroleum Outlets around Australia for 28 years.
With a dedicated Maintenience team our customers have the peice of mind knowing they have a single point of contact and the confidence to know that the work is being actioned. 
Calls can be logged through our call centre on 1300  66 22 14 or, work orders will then be 
assessed for urgency and technicians dispatched or works bundled for a predetermined date.

Our complete engagement service means first class manufacturing and installation stays first class, to guarantee optimum presentation at all times.

Our fleet of mobile workshops is always on the road for timely response to your needs in fitout elements and the wider range of building and services maintenance including:

  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Total shop fitting
  • Carpentry
  • Gyprock
  • Furniture repairs and refresh
  • Signage install & maintenance
  • Perspex supply, maintainence & repair
  • Painting
  • Concreting
  • Brick wall
  • Stainless steel site repairs & install
  • Ceramic Tiling
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioning

Time Management Software

At BCG we utalise a time management software system that is totally paperless & interactive between head office and our team on the road in real time. This gives BCG the advantage of making appointments on the go or ahead of time, knowing where our technicians are as well as our technicians knowing where thet need to be to best service our clients.

One thing customers never buy is excuses!

Since 1989, BCG has been providing exceptional building maintenance services for supermarkets, shopping centres, fast food outlets and other commercial establishments. We are well aware of the importance of proper maintenance and repair of equipment, power outlets and the overall smooth running of any commercial facility. Our promise of Complete Engagement Service means service exactly tailored to retail and customer service needs.

With a fleet of mobile workshops always on the road, you can depend on it. Guaranteed.

Call - 24 Hours - 1300 662 214