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Cummins Design and Development Services (Part of BCG) stands on a foundation of over combined 140 years in retail design and engineering, with a rich history of creating numerous greenfield site designs and existing refurbishments. Our expertise extends particularly to the supermarket sector, where our insights and innovations have shaped retail spaces across Australia.

Store Interior, Signage and Fixture Design (2D & 3D)

Seamless Process from Concept to Completion: Our unique vertical integration streamlines the journey from design to manufacturing. This approach ensures consistency in quality, reduces potential delays, and enhances cost-efficiency, setting us apart in the retail design industry. We make sure to take the necessary steps to ensure the right solutions are specified and easily actioned. 

Advanced Design Capabilities

Innovative and Practical Design Solutions: At BCG, our team of Industrial Design experts harnesses the power of the latest software technologies to create store layouts and equipment designs that are not just visually striking but also highly practical. Our approach blends aesthetics with functionality, ensuring each design is ergonomic, easy to manufacture, and scalable.

We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet unique needs. From bespoke crafts that reflect your brand's personality to a wide selection of our own BCG product lines, we ensure that every design is a perfect balance of form and function. Our commitment extends beyond mere appearance; we meticulously focus on the practical aspects of design, ensuring that each element is user-friendly and aligns seamlessly with manufacturing processes, enabling scalability and efficiency in production.

Store Planning and Analysis

Detailed Planning for Optimal Store Performance: Our services include in-depth store flow analysis, planogram creation, viability studies, and strategic planning. Using leading CAD programs for 3D visualization, we ensure clear project outlines and efficient file management.

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Standards and Regulations Compliance

Compliance with Australian Standards: All our designs strictly adhere to Australian regulatory standards, ensuring that each project is not only compliant but also secure, operator-friendly, and cost-effective.

Cutting-Edge Visualization Tools

Realistic Renders and Animation: Our advanced visualization tools enable the creation of photorealistic images, providing a clear preview of projects before they enter production. This helps align design goals with the final outcome.

Precision and Efficiency in Production

State-of-the-Art CNC Machining: Our use of CNC machinery and automated equipment ensures precision and efficiency in production. The direct communication between our CAD program and the machinery significantly reduces production time, aligning with client timelines.

Comprehensive Support for Clients

From Planning to Operational Excellence: We offer end-to-end support, from assisting with statutory approvals to delivering comprehensive design packs for manufacturing and installation. Our goal is to ensure a smooth process, leading to the launch of a high-performing and aesthetically pleasing retail store.

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