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Shop Design


Our design team of expert store designers and licensed engineers have over 140 years experience in the retail industry and 1000's of store designs or modifications undertaken. Our qualified Industrial Design experts deliver creative yet practical store layouts or equipment designs using the latest software technology. BCG can provide customers with original crafts, modified designs or an extensive range of BCG's own product lines to choose from. Our design team has a passion in keeping up trends and latest ideas ensuring your product is leading in the market.

We value our client's schedules. Our Design and Sales team have the ability to meet on any location to discuss your needs saving you the hassle of time. Interstate customers can interact with our team using our integrated communications network within BCG.


Product and Floorplan drawings:

The design team uses a leading CAD program of 3D Visualisation and documentation. The drawings created outline designs clearly for envisaging your project areas and spaces. It can also easily transfer files for many different files types.

Let BCG assist you in working out your space arrangements and flow of your store! Our design team has experience in interior design and space planning. We can help you decide where your products go and layouts that will increase your customer productivity.

Renders and Animation:


A strong asset in our programs is its realistic visualisation tools. We are able to create photorealistic images giving you the best opportunity to achieve your product or even your own clients imagination before it hits production!


Production Drawings & Documentation:

Part of the process with our in-house production is to uphold quality of fabrication through accurate and detailed documentation. Our team has a keen eye for detail minimalizing any room for error from drawings to factory floor.

CNC Machining & Automated Equipments:

State of the art CNC and fabrication machines means 100% precision and production efficiency. Our CAD program talks directly to the machines reducing production time and allows BCG to meet your requested deadlines.