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Produce Displays

Unless produce looks clean and fresh it won't sell, Brian Cummins Group has specialised in helping retailers extend the life of produce, present clean and tidy displays and grow their fresh departments.

Brian Cummins Group takes pride in our passion to provide professional, efficient and cost-effective services in supermarket display equipment and detailed custom-built furniture. Quality service to our clients is guaranteed through the skills, knowledge and experience of the Brian Cummins Group.

Designing Flexible and Enticing Products

The design department of Brian Cummins Group is focused to create flexible products which help retailers attract more buyers; showcasing fresh produce in the best and most efficient way possible. 

Displays include:

  • Produce Displays
  • Produce Lounges (see below)
  • Produce Bins
  • Transition Wall & Island Displays

New produce expandable range.

Are you looking for a new idea for your produce displays?

BCG would like to introduce their new 'Expandable Produce Lounge'.This versatile and sturdy new product range is both Modular and Expandable - which makes building your next display a breeze!

Maximise your floor space and configure a display with these versatile modular produce bins. Perfect for both wall and island configurations, you can move, change and add to your display building the perfect retail solution that will meet both your needs and your budget.

The display units include shelving for multi-level product display options and an opportunity to display complementary products. Floor display is such an important part of the retail industry and the 'Expandable Produce Lounge' is a great addition to your retail space. Another clever new retail solution from BCG!

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