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V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller breaks the ice at the AUR Liquor Conference 2024


Innovation took centre stage at this year's AUR Liquor Conference, where liquor store operators, management teams, and industry suppliers converged in the picturesque setting of Barossa Valley. Over four immersive days, attendees delved into dynamic discussions, insightful presentations, and invaluable networking sessions – all aimed at navigating the evolving landscape of the beverage retail industry. Among the myriad of innovations – Brian Cummins Group was honoured to showcase our very own V-Tex Australia.

Industry Trends and Key Presentations

Throughout the conference, attendees were treated to illuminating presentations that shed light on crucial industry trends. From CEO Rick Wright's Address to insights from Ryan Chard on National Business Liquor and Tobacco - each session provided valuable insights, sparked discussions on innovative strategies to tackle industry challenges head-on, and fostered collaboration among participants.

The V-Tex Advantage

As attendees processed the wealth of knowledge from key presenters, the stage was set to showcase groundbreaking innovations. With its sleek design and cutting-edge features, the V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller has caught the attention of industry leaders and enthusiasts alike. At the conference's bustling expo, attendees were buzzing with excitement as they got hands-on experience with this game-changing platform. But what makes V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller so extraordinary?

Imagine being able to chill beverages to perfection in a matter of seconds, without compromising on taste or quality. That's precisely what the V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller offers. With its innovative technology, it revolutionises the way liquor store operators manage their inventory and serve their customers. From wine to beer to spirits, the V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller ensures that every beverage is served at its optimal temperature, guaranteeing a delightful drinking experience every time.

But the benefits of V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller don't stop there. This all-in-one platform:

  • Streamlines operations,
  • Optimises inventory management, and
  • Enhances customer engagement.

The V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller made a significant impact at this year’s AUR Liquor Conference - transcending mere functionality to inspire a new vision for the future of beverage retail. With its ability to deliver speed, precision, and quality, the V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller is set to become a must-have tool for liquor store operators and suppliers across the industry.

Learn more about this game-changing technology and discover how it can elevate your business, visit the V-Tex Rapid Drink Chiller website today or get in touch with our team via:


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