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Bakery, Fruit, and Vegetable Displays

Bakery, Fruit, and Vegetable Displays

With diverse products such as Modular Bakery Unit, 1400 Series, 1850 Series, and different types of Euroshelf, Brian Cummins Group are ready to provide your store with the most effective solution. 



Brian Cummins Group Euroshelf are a quick and affordable solution to showcase your bakery products. With castor equipped stainless steel frame, this shelf is a great addition to any bakery shops.



Angled Euro Bakery Cart 1900x900x450


Brian Cummins Group 1400 Series Bakery Units

Brian Cummins Group 1400 Series Bakery Units are made to perform! With multiple configurations and finishes available, these units can fit in any store layout and maximise your bakery sales.



Bakery Gondola Centre 1400 BLACK

Bakery Gondola Centre 1400 AFRICAN WENGE

Bakery Gondola End 1400 BLACK

Bakery Gondola End 1400 AFRICAN WENGE

Bakery Loose Bread Roll 1400 BLACK

Bakery Loose Bread Roll 1400 AFRICAN WENGE

Bakery Wall Centre 1400 BLACK

Bakery Wall End 1400 BLACK


Brian Cummins Group 1850 Series Bakery Units

Brian Cummins Group 1850 Series Bakery Units are ready when you need to step up your bakery volumes. Our full sized Loose Bread units and Wall Units comes with high quality material and construction expected from Brian Cummins Group products.



Bakery Loose Bread Roll 1850 BLACK

Bakery Wall Centre 1850 BLACK (addbay)

Bakery Wall Centre 1850 AFRICAN WENGE (addbay)

Bakery Wall End 1850 BLACK (wall end)

Produce Display Units 

Brian Cummins Group Produce Displays

Our Produce Display range are modular and customisable, so you can have configuration that works best for you. BCG Produce Display Range is designed in Australia and made with high quality materials



Bag Holder for Produce Bin Corner Mount

Bag Holder for Produce Bins Flat Base

Dry Produce Wall Unit


Designer Produce Bin 1800x1800

Designer Produce Bin 1800x2700

Designer Produce Bin 1800x3600


Expanda Combi Produce Bin End 900x1800

Expanda Range Produce Bin Bin Unit 900

Expanda Range Produce Bin Centre 900

Expanda Range Produce Bin Corner 900


Produce Bin Black 700x700 

Produce Bin Black 800x800

Produce Bin Black 900x900

Produce Bin Black 1000x1000

Produce Bin Black 1200x1200


Produce Bin Cherry 700x700

Produce Bin Cherry 800x800

Produce Bin Cherry 900x900

Produce Bin Cherry 1000x1000

Produce Bin Cherry 1200x1200


Produce Bin Clear Pine 700x700

Produce Bin Clear Pine 800X800

Produce Bin Clear Pine 900X900

Produce Bin Clear Pine 1000X1000

Produce Bin Clear Pine 1200X1200


Produce Bin Greystone 700X700

Produce Bin Greystone 800X800

Produce Bin Greystone 900X900

Produce Bin Greystone 1000X1000

Produce Bin Greystone 1200X1200


Produce Bin Walnut 700X700

Produce Bin Walnut 800X800

Produce Bin Walnut 900X900

Produce Bin Walnut 1000X1000

Produce Bin Walnut 1200X1200


Cannot find what you need? Don't worry! Our Design Teams are able to tailor solutions that fits your store. Contact our representatives at 1300 66 22 14 for any enquiries. Our produce and bakery units are covered by 1 year Limited BCG Warranty.