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AeroGlove® Dispenser with Batteries

AeroGlove® Dispenser with Batteries

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AeroGlove® touch-free poly glove dispensers are an innovative way to keep hygiene and safety top of mind with your staff! These versatile units can be wall- or pedestal-mounted to keep them close to where they’re needed – even where space is at a premium.  They also have rubber feet that can hold them in place on a table top surface for easy access in prep or self-service areas.


The unit activates when a hand is moved over the sensor at the base of the unit.  Once triggered, a burst of air opens up the top glove in the pack, allowing the user to put on the glove without touching the exterior surface. Once removed, the unit is ready to dispense the next glove and keep your operation moving quickly and efficiently.


AeroGlove dispensers are a great addition to any foodservice application, but are also great for bakeries, convenience stores, veterinary/boarding facilities, catering, and much more! Anywhere you need to prevent cross contamination is the perfect place for AeroGlove.


This item contains one (1) AeroGlove dispenser unit and eight (8) “D” cell batteries.  AC power adapter can be purchased separately.


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