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Want to prolong the life of your AC system?

 If your AC unit is prone to frequent breakdowns and malfunctions, it is probably because it is not receiving the regular maintenance that is so critical to its continued operation. Given below are some important steps you can take to lessen the chances that you will need AC repair service or have to replace your system:

Change your AC??s filters regularly

Depending on how frequently you use your air conditioning unit, you must change its filter every one to three months. Make certain that the filters you use are as efficient as possible. Filters help keep your air dust and dust mite free. As air passes through them continuously, the filter catches loose particles. After a month, the filter may become blocked, limiting your air flow.

Keep the area clean

To ensure healthy circulation of air, keep remains such as leaves or grass clippings away from your AC units?? outside condenser and make certain the indoor vents are not clogged.

Clean your air conditioner periodically

AC units can easily become blocked with dust, mold and bacteria, which can both make your AC system less efficient and make you and your family sick. For safety, it's best to employ a professional air conditioning service to do the cleaning. These regular cleanings also make sure that your AC unit does not have to work too hard to maintain the desired temperature. Usage for an extended period of time can cause your AC to break down sooner.

Don't overwork system

When your AC runs continuously for extended periods of time, it can burn out or overheat. It is best to set your system to cool until a certain temperature instead of keeping the fan on. During the summer time, your AC should be set to 75 degrees and must be turned off or set to a higher temperature when the house is empty for long vacations.

Have your AC maintained by a professional HVAC company regularly

Oft, a serious problem starts from a minor issue that went unnoticed. A professional's keen eye can spot those problems before they get out of hand. It is a great idea to have your system checked periodically particularly if you live in harsh weather conditions.

Brian Cummins Group offers maintenance contracts specifically tailored to suit individual requirements to make sure that installations are meticulously checked on a regular basis at appropriate intervals, in that way reducing the risk of breakdown from whatever cause and ensuring smooth running of unit.