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Zamzam Village Grocer is Open (with just a little help from BCG!)




Something special just opened its doors in Auburn, and BCG are proud to have played a part!


Congratulations to everyone at Zamzam Village Grocer for its successful grand opening on 26 March. Zamzam’s second grocery store comes complete with a retail grocery section and an in-store butchery. This 2,000-square metre supermarket is the place to go if you’re looking for a wide variety of fresh food and products, both locally and internationally sourced – a one-stop-shop for everyone’s unique needs.

Store Manager Tony, was very happy to talk about the newly opened supermarket and share the vision behind Zamzam Village Grocer:

We are all about fresh and that's what Zamzam is about. We're all about the community, we're a very diverse store. We have products from the Bangladeshi side of the community, from the Nepali, from the Indian, the Turkish, the Lebanese, the Australian - whatever you're looking for, you can find it down here at Zamzam's Village Grocer.”


BCG is proud to have taken part in the store’s development, working closely and tirelessly with the Zamzam team to make their vision into reality.


If we’re being honest, these kind words from Tony did make us blush a little (maybe even a lot):

“I highly recommend BCG. As you can see, beautiful displays, they've done all our produce lounges for us and fabricated everything to fit our needs - the service department with all the checkouts, all our register belt systems, everything to fit our POS systems; even fabricated to fit our systems into our registers. They've done a fantastic job and I'd highly recommend them.”

Thank you Tony! We are as delighted as everyone at Zamzam’s to witness how your beautiful store turned out! It really does take a village!

BCG’s retail design and manufacturing expertise and capabilities provide our clients with unparalleled products and services with quality, durability, performance and return on investment at the forefront of everything we do. From our pre-existing to customised range BCG’s offers end-to-end (turnkey) solutions for every retail environment.


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