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Another Store defended from cigarette burglary: SPAR Ballina


BCG Cigarette Units defend another store from burglary stock loss: SPAR Ballina
It's reassuring to hear that our retail equipment provided some positive outcomes for clients in a very difficult time.
SPAR Ballina was closed during the devastating March 2022 floods during which burglars tried to break in and steal cigarette stock. With thanks to the BCG Cigarette Units, they merely got a few dents in the drawers, but no stock was lost.
Here's the testimonial from Sagar Madarapu, the Manager of Spar Ballina:


“This has been a really difficult year for our community, not the least of which has been the unprecedented floods in our region. No-one has been unaffected.

At Spar Supermarket Ballina, my team and I did all we could throughout this period to keep the doors open, provide much needed access to supplies and continuity of service.

But as with so many other businesses in our district, we too had to close our doors for four days as the flooding worsened. And to make matters worse, some would be burglars decided this was an opportune time to break in and try to steal stock, including cigarettes.

We were simply fortunate and grateful to have BCG cigarette units in place. The ‘best’ these thieves could achieve is making a few dents in the draws. The units proved to be tough, secure and resilient. We had no stock loss – protecting over $100,000 dollars of product helping us to get back on out feet again as quickly as possible.

Since then, BCG have nonetheless replaced the unit as new.  In my opinion there is simply no substitute for the quality of BCG’s products alongside the service and care demonstrated by their team.”


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