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Fruiticious Randwick: Freshness Redefined with a BCG Touch


Fruiticious has opened its doors in Randwick NSW and BCG were there along the way to see the store come to fruition!

Changing the fresh produce shopping experience for locals and visitors alike, Fruiticious have mastered the art of showcasing nature's produce with a wide variety of fresh offerings a cut above the rest.   

Walking into Fruiticious feels like stepping into a vibrant oasis of colours and aromas. The ambient lighting and meticulously arranged displays of fruit and vegetables create a feast for the senses, inviting customers to select and purchase fabulous fresh produce.

Building Fruiticious from the ground up was a passion project for all involved and a wonderful opportunity for BCG to help realise the Owner’s vision. Working hand in hand with the Industrial Design team at Cummins Design and Development Services, BCG designed and manufactured custom-built solutions that are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing:


Fruiticious Randwick BCG retail equipment


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