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Perfect Pitch: Inspiring Creativity at Hive Sound Studios with BCG


At Brian Cummins Group, we're all about turning dreams into reality. We love teaming up with clients who share our excitement for making visions come alive. One such partnership was with Hive Sound Studios – a haven for up-and-coming artists, producers, and others looking to make their mark in the music world.

Our journey with Hive Sound Studios began with the goal to create a space where creativity thrives and sound reigns supreme. Working closely with the studio’s operations team and producers, our top-notch designers at Cummins Design and Development Services meticulously designed the studio, ensuring every aspect reflected the client's vision and needs.

BCG spared no effort in delivering excellence. We custom-manufactured acoustic wall panelling to perfection – ensuring optimal sound insulation and clarity. The studio was also furnished with carbon fibre-wrapped custom audio production tables, a harmony of style and functionality, setting it apart from the rest. Recognising the importance of flooring in shaping acoustics, Tek Tile flooring was installed for its exceptional acoustic properties. It's not just flooring, it's a foundation that elevates sound quality to new heights.

More than just a project – Hive Sound Studios stands as a testament to what happens when passion meets expertise. From design conception to final installation, BCG was there every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensured a seamless fitout process, leaving Hive Sound Studios ready to inspire and innovate.

Curious about how BCG can elevate your space to new heights? Whether you're in the realm of audio production or any other field, we're here to help you realise your business dreams.

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