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Championing Aussie Made: BCG's Design Guru, Yougan Naidoo's Take on Supporting Local


Australian Made Week is a pivotal event that celebrates the value of Australian-made products and the businesses behind them. In an insightful interview, Brian Cummins Group's Lead Designer, Yougan Naidoo, shared his expert views on the significance of this week and the broader importance of supporting local manufacturing.

Graduating from UTS with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, Yougan discovered his passion for creating designs with a strong focus on user experience (UX), leading him to earn a Post-Graduate Certification from Billy Blue College of Design, majoring in UX. With over a decade of design experience, Yougan has honed his skills across various fields of production, including point-of-sale, furniture, exhibitions, and retail.

Having been at the forefront of designing top-quality Australian-made products for BCG via Cummins Design and Development (C2DS), and with an extensive background in industrial design servicing Australian companies, Yougan understands the critical role that local manufacturing plays in the economy and the environment. His experience underscores the importance of innovation, sustainability, and supporting local industries to ensure their growth and competitiveness.

The Significance of Australian Made Week

Yougan believes that Australian Made Week is more than just a celebration – it is a pivotal moment to highlight and support locally made products. "Australian Made Week holds significant importance as it champions Australian-made products and supports local businesses," he said. This week is essential for raising awareness about the high quality, reliability, and sustainability of products made in Australia. It also recognises the individuals and companies that bring these exceptional products to market.”

Supporting Australian-Made Products

Supporting Australian-made products has far-reaching implications: "By purchasing Australian-made products, you are supporting and sustaining local economies, creating jobs, and furthering opportunities for growth." Buying local not only ensures that consumers receive products that meet high standards of quality and safety but also fosters national self-sufficiency and economic growth. Australian products adhere to stringent Australian Standards, which guarantee their superior quality.

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Conservation

Local manufacturing plays a significant role in promoting sustainability and environmental conservation. Yougan explained: "Buying locally manufactured goods can contribute significantly to sustainable practices and environmental conservation. Local production often requires less dependency on intricate supply chains, reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation." Moreover, Australian manufacturers comply with rigorous environmental standards, ensuring sustainable practices are upheld.

The Challenges Faced by Australian Manufacturers

Despite the benefits, Australian manufacturers face several challenges in the global market. Our design guru highlighted issues such as: "lower-cost competition from overseas manufacturers, high production costs including labour, material costs, and energy." To address these challenges, he advocates for government support through investment in research and development. This investment can enhance innovation and efficiency. Additionally, fostering collaborations between industry and academia can drive further advancements and competitiveness.

Something personal: Favourite Australian Made Product

When asked about his favourite Australian-made product, he shared his admiration for the Koala Furniture Company. "With my industrial design background, there are a few that comes to mind. One that really stands out to me is the Koala Furniture Company. Their products are sustainable, beautifully designed and crafted, packaged well with great customer service, and they keep the total ecosystem in mind, which epitomises a great Australian product." This admiration is a reflection of his pride in working for the Brian Cummins Group, a company that strives to adopt similar principles in its products and services.

Supporting Australian-made products is not only a matter of national pride but also a step towards economic resilience, sustainability, and high-quality standards. Australian Made Week is a vital reminder of the benefits of buying local and the importance of supporting the businesses that contribute to our economy. As Yougan Naidoo eloquently puts it, these actions help build a stronger, more self-sufficient, and sustainable Australia.

BCG prioritises investing in both our people and our local manufacturing capabilities. As we grow our range of locally made products, you can trust BCG to consistently provide high-quality products and services that meet both deadlines and budget.

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