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Checkout Express 1800 Right Hand

Checkout Express 1800 Right Hand

$2979.90(inc GST)


The Brian Cummins Group 1800 Timber Express Checkout (right hand) is designed to set your store out from the competition. Designed and produced in Australia, this checkout counter comes standard with industry leading features such as.

  • Durable Vinyl Top
  • Ample bag packing area
  • High-quality structure and laminate
  • Adjustable confectionery shelving
  • Basket shelf
  • Adjustable bag packing - accepts plastic and reusable bags
  • Heavy duty adjustable legs

This model bears the mark of BCG toughness as it is built to stand the rigors of retail business. You get a 3mm thick, heavy duty Vinyl top, rubber impact protection and very sturdy feet.

All these features result in a fast transaction of your clients; improving both your efficiency and profit. We always strive to build high quality and durable checkout, so you can have the peace of mind. It is ready to be fitted with state of the art POS system and optimized for cable management.

Notes: Gates, POS system, basket, and bags sold Separately.

Available in right-hand and left-hand configuration. Ready for plastic and reusable bags.

12 Months Limited BCG Warranty included.

Applications: Fruit Shop, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Delicatessen, Refurbishment and any other retail environment

Dimension: Length: 1800mm || Width: 860mm || Height: 890-930mm

 Product Code: CHECEXPR1800RH


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